Monday, May 4, 2015

Happy Star Wars Day...Chumps!

I was never a fan of Voyager, but Mr. Tuvok here does an excellent job of trolling the Star Wars fanbase. His many malapropisms are the perfect payback to all those people who think Star Track is a thing.

If you're bored, check out my solution to this Star Trek logic puzzle (and subsequent victory dance), which I had to amend recently, thanks to a pesky reader who detected a lacuna. (Ha ha, I'm speaking facetiously, of course: among the Seven Spiritual Works of Mercy is Instructing the Ignorant, which naturally includes Correcting the Wrong. I just hope I'm not in for any more mercy, as it makes me all sweaty and insecure to have my errors pointed out.)

*     *     *

After writing this rather frivolous post, I find that the actress Grace Lee Whitney, a.k.a. Yeoman Rand, has passed away. When I was a boy I thought she was just about the prettiest actress on TV...after Nichelle Nichols. She played a good strong character, as seen in episodes like "Charlie X" and "The Enemy Within," which also unfortunately reflect some of the attitudes toward female professionals at the time. But I guess that's been true of just about every incarnation of Star Trek since. Anyway, requiescat in pace, Grace Lee Whitney. Thank you for struggling to overcome your personal demons and serving as an inspiration to others.


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