Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Dragonfly at Black Gate

Fletcher Vredenburgh, who, in my humble opinion, does an inestimable service to Sword & Sorcery as a genre by reviewing online S&S short stories from the perspective of someone who actually appreciates and enjoys such things, has reviewed my most recent endeavor, "Day of the Dragonfly," over at Black Gate. I'm getting plenty o' hits from Black Gate and Beneath Ceaseless Skies, so I'd like to offer everyone visiting my site a big howdy from the armpit of Texas.

Howdy! Please take a minute to peruse all the interesting, amusing, irrelevant, and downright embarrassing things I've posted over the last few years.


  1. Glad to hear folks are visiting. They're in for some fun. And thanks for the kind words.

  2. It seems a good time to say I've discovered this blog a little while ago after reading "At the Edge of the Sea," and I like it here. I'd been a little sad about pursuing an advanced degree in something that wasn't literature, so it was quite comforting seeing someone who's a professor of a whole different field but so dedicated to appreciating and reflecting upon good stories.

    Your posts have been really interesting to me! I particularly admire that you believe in the importance of style in fantasy, and I shall have to seek out some of the books you've spoken of. Also I should say that while I'm not autistic, I've also had an irrational disgust of buttons for years—

    1. Thanks for the kind comments. It's nice to hear from someone who enjoys what I post here. I used to always try to focus on my research area to the exclusion of everything else, but it made me bored and sad, so I stopped. I only have one life to live, after all, so I might as well do what I like. And literature, well, that's for everyone, not just specialists!