Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Witch of Anûn: A Review

A bit of shameless self-promotion: Fletcher Vredenburgh reviews my most recent story, "Witch of Anûn," over at Black Gate:
I’ve enjoyed all of Ordoñez’s Antellus stories independent of one another. They possess a beautiful and dark strangeness, both in characters and setting, that I like very much. [...] 
Taken together, a larger world is coalescing out of these stories. Bits and pieces of history have been revealed, religious sects and heresies have been alluded to, and dangerous races have been shown to dwell just beyond humanity’s settlements. There’s an intoxicating quality to the world he’s created and with each story I’m increasingly, willingly, being drawn into it.
I aim to please!

As I've said, I'm personally quite fond of this story. If you like sword and sorcery and planetary romance, please go give it a try, and give one of the only online venues dedicated to heroic fantasy a bit of traffic!

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