Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Cosmos

"The universe, an expanding three-sphere, is almost a projective space, the almost being a euphemism for a certain quantum effect. Each locality consists of two parallel leaves, cosmic antipodes to one another. The leaves are nearly identical, having diverged only through the uncertainty principle, with the exception of the sublunary sphere. There is a weak gravitational pairing between leaves, one body creating a sink in the other, and so gravitating bodies are held together, each in its respective leaf. Paired with the earth (Tellus) is the counter-earth (Antellus) at the opposite end of the universe. At the center of the universe is the sacred flame imperishable, as in the Pythagorean system. The translunary universe is self-paired identically in a large-scale sense. The sublunary divergence occurred in primeval times during the Paleozoic Era, when the demiurgic spirits of the air fought a destructive war amongst themselves and a tithe were banished to Antellus. This is a symbol for the independence of terrestrial life, and particularly rational choice, from physical exigencies."

from Notes on Antellus

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